Allam Crane
Trained with Mark and Clint for approximately 10 years, intending to start a new training group in Edenvale from next month (March 2023), when I step down as manager of Dis-Chem Sandton City and will open a new store in Edenvale


MDW Instructor

MDW Classes: Coming Soon

Contact details:
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Allan is a senior pharmacist at Dis-Chem, and also a homeopath qualified at the British Faculty of Homeopathy with degrees in acupuncture and Biopunture.

Been married since 1971
Blessed with 2 children (Son & Daughter) and 5 grandchildren (2 Boys & 3 Girls)

His son is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Cape Town and daughter-in-law is a Professor of pediatric anesthesia at Children’s Red Cross Hospital

His daughter is a dietitian practicing in Johannesburg.

Allan Crane Training Journey

1960: Started JKA karate with Stan Schmidt

1968 to 1972: Instructed juniors for Koos Pretoria’s in Van Riebeck Ave Dojo, while I was working in Edenvale

1975: Graded 1st Dan by Nakayama (in those days you Had to train for 5 years or be 15 yrs old to grade for Shodan)

1990 to 2012: Instructed Keith Geyer at Maryvale church hall

1990 to 2012: Member of the Early Birds Honbu Dojo instructors class
Trained with the following Japanese instructors when they came to South Africa; Senseis, Nakayama, Enoeda, Shirai, Kanazawa, Tanaka, and others

2012: When Stan and Keith emigrated, I was training with Eddie Dorey and he told me about AMOK and that Clint Oosthuizen was an instructor in Edenvale
Trained with Clint and Tom Sotis when he came to South Africa When he left SA due to political reasons. Amok changed to MDW and I’ve been training with Mark and Clint since

Trained Tai Chi with Eddie Jardine for 3 years

Trained Krav Maga with Des Brown for about a year

MDW Training Classes