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“Good combat skills are universal,” some are timeless, many are revamped from existing ideas, lost skills are rediscovered or re-developed because of modern challenges, mandates and technology.

MDW attracts Instructors and practitioners (many leaders in their field of expertise) from a broad range of martial arts and or firearm related backgrounds that have selected the MDW methodology of problem solving and skill transfer methods to compliment and grow their existing skills.

When it comes to firearms, using dummy rounds is essential for improving shooting skills and firearm handling. They can enhance your accuracy and proficiency, allowing you to practice quick and tactical reloads effectively.

Our dummy rounds feature a robust and reliable polymer head

MDW Dummy Rounds MDW Dummy Rounds 10’s

MDW Dummy Rounds Box 50 MDW Dummy Rounds Box 50

MDW Training/Dummy Rounds for Shot Guns
The MDW 12 Gauge Training Round is manufactured from two components
Tired of battling with training rounds for your shotgun getting easily damaged, not feeding properly, and easy to confuse with live ammunition.
We have developed a 12 Gauge training round that is easily identifiable, durable, and precision-engineered to ensure consistent feeding and chambering. In other words Durable Precision.
Let’s look at the New MDW 12 Gauge Training Round
A Robust Brass head that screws onto an extra-strength polymer shell that screws into and extends through the Brass Head providing a durable but forgiving striking surface where the primer would normally be situated.

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Core Skills
New to handguns or an experienced gunman who has not had trigger time for a while-the Rusty Gunman Course will get you on track with your weapons manipulation, access, and safety.

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Core Skills
New to Carbines or an experienced gunman who has not had trigger time for a while-the Rusty Gunman Course will get you on track with your weapons manipulation, carry, and safety. Both AR and AK platforms welcome.

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Core Skills
Handling and marksmanship skills for field environment. The shotgun is a versatile weapon and can be effectively used in a range of tactical scenarios. Firing a shotgun means making sure you are comfortable with its action and grip yet utilizing it to its full capacity means keeping your shotgun loaded and topped up as well as reactive loading skills.

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Basics Done Better. Balancing speed, distance, and pressure is related to the accuracy required in high-risk scenarios. A natural extension of the Rusty Gunman Handgun Course.

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The MDW Plug and press course is an information and practice session, that focuses on the use of first aid supplies designed for the first line in field care of wounds that result in catastrophic bleeding and or injuries to the airways.
The Plug and Press is an isolated module that also forms part of the larger MDW Fighting Injured that covers weapons use and tactics that help you stay in the fight while injured.

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The MDW Fighting Injured-Plug and Press course is an information and practical session, that focuses staying in the fight when injured and on the use of first aid supplies designed for the first line in field care of wounds that result in catastrophic bleeding and injuries to the airways.

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Fighting in and Around Vehicles focuses on skills necessary to react positively when simply driving out of high-risk conditions is impractical or denied. Because of the pace and mobile nature of this course there is a large emphasis both on combat skills and safety.

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Focus on solo and two men -moving and shooting in and around structures and buildings when you do not have all the gear and back up that tactical teams have at their disposal.

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The Rusty Gunman Fire and Movement course addresses the mechanical challenges of shooting while on the move, shooting while with other people that are armed or while protecting and/or moving around unarmed civilians during a shooting exchange.

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Information on Skills and Tactics

MDW has good working relationships with many martial arts and tactical training organisations and systems. Any Elliot founder of Kali 3D is also an MDW instructor and Mentor to MDW trainer talks about how Kali 3D and MDW dovetail and complement each other.

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Kali 3D camp in the Filipinas (2019). Exploring edged weapon and edged weapon counters against an active lead hand. Understanding pressure and energies is critical to make sense of where what works. Always looking to deny skill sets.

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Although this is an old Fighting In and Around Vehicles Promo and things have been refined from both a training structure as well as adjustments because of field feedback from clients that put these skills and concepts to use in the field.

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Information and reviews on training and tactical gear

A massive thanks for the unique experience at yesterday's Rusty Gun (what a blast, excuse the pun) at first that Glock felt weighty but by the end of the session it more an extension of my arm. Invaluable safety do's and don'ts and hands on for potentially real scenarios - tracking and close up confrontations (that was a little intense first time round!)
Penny Owens
Penny Owens
Email: Rusty Gunman Handgun 12th February 2023

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